Jazz Sneakers


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Light weight black mesh and suede jazz / hip hop sneakers. Very soft padding around the foot instep. Also great for Zumba and line dancing. Features include:

  • split sole
  • air cushioned heel
  • flat toe for toe stands
  • added ribbing for extra strength

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EUR34 (AU1-1.5) (out of stock), EUR35 (AU2-2.5), EUR36 (AU3-3.5) (out of stock), EUR37 (AU4-4.5), EUR38 (AU5-5.5), EUR39 (AU6) (out of stock), EUR40 (AU6.5-7) (limited stock), EUR41 (AU7.5-8) (out of stock), EUR42 (AU8.5-9) (out of stock), EUR43 (AU9.5-10), EUR44 (AU10.5) (out of stock), EUR45 (AU11-11.5​​) (limited stock), EUR46 (AU12) (limited stock)


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