Low Heel Tap Shoes Tan or Black


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Jazzies tap shoes are low heel (2cm high before the tap plate) and are available in tan or black. Made of lovely durable cow leather with cotton lining and full leather sole. There is a cushioned inner sole for extra comfort. They have a slide buckle so the girls don't have to find the hole for the buckle. The slide is secure when fitted and easily slides out when lifted up at the correct angle.

Please check the size chart as these vary from other brands of shoes.

Limited sizes are currently available. If you can't see you size listed please ask as I may have some available.

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Black, Tan


Adult US10.5/AU9​​.5 (NA black), Adult US10/AU9 (N/A black), Adult US5.5/AU4.​​5, Adult US5/AU4 (out of stock), Adult US6.5/AU5.​​5 (N/A tan), Adult US6/AU5 (N/A tan), Adult US7.5/AU6.​​5 (out of stock), Adult US7/AU6, Adult US8.5/AU7.​​5 (out of stock), Adult US8/AU7 (N/A tan), Adult US9.5/AU8.​​5 (N/A tan), Adult US9/AU8 (N/A tan), Child US1.5/AU13​​.5 (N/A tan), Child US1/AU13 (out of stock), Child US10.5/AU9​​.5 (N/A tan), Child US10/AU9, Child US11.5/AU1​​0.5, Child US11/AU10 (N/A black), Child US12.5/AU1​​1.5 (N/A tan), Child US12/AU11 (out of stock), Child US13.5/AU1​​2.5 (out of stock), Child US13/AU12 (N/A tan), Child US2.5/AU1.​​5 (out of stock), Child US2/AU1 (out of stock), Child US3.5/AU2.​​5 (N/A tan), Child US3/AU2 (out of stock), Child US4.5/AU3.​​5 (n/a black), Child US4/AU3 (n/a tan), Child US9.5/AU8.​​5 (N/A black), Child US9/AU8


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